Softball Is Now A Recreational Team

This year, softball is not considered a high school sport but a recreational team.


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Ben Ayres, Staff Writer

   Softball will kick off their season in January as a recreational team for the first time.

   This means that they will play in a local league formed by teams from the county or general area around them. 

   Senior Jordan Mills has been a long time softball player who advocates strongly for the sport. 

   “Since we are a recreational team our athletic director won’t be scheduling our games to begin with,” Mills said. 

   The team is now in the West Coast Premier League, giving the athletes more independence as a whole.The team will have more freedom with how many games and practices they have each week. Mills believes having a more relaxed schedule will increase the student interest for the sport.

   “Whoever our head coach is, will be in contact with the other independent teams,” Mills said.     An additional change that comes with being a recreational team means not being a part of the FHSAA (Florida High School Activities Association), and is therefore not able to participate in any district or state tournaments. 

   While the current team members are hoping to make the season successful, there is still a longing for more participation on campus.  

   “I wish we had more interest from the student body and we had players interested attending prep and are able to afford coming here so we can have a better softball team” Rosa Harwell,  High School Softball Assistant Coach, said. 

   “The dedicated student athletes on the team are competitive about the sport,” Harwell said. The bracket they are in for their division is very active in having the girls from other schools playing travel ball for a long period of time. 

   Harwell explained that the teams they will face have “developed skills that surpass the skills that we have as a school body,” Harwell said.    

   “Even though they put their heart into it, their level of play won’t match up with what they’re competing against. They might have the drive and passion for softball, but their ability is outmatched every time,” Harwell said. 

Even though their ability might be outmatched, Mills feels Softball is “more about playing the game than it is about winning, I think this is a good stepping point for us and eventually we can get back to being considered a varsity program.”

   Mills thinks this is the perfect opportunity for her team to build their skills. 

   “I definitely think that if we are playing against these independent teams, since some of them are new, it will be good for us to understand the game better rather than just hitting the ball,” Mills said. 

   For Mills, part of the game is understanding and knowing the game. One thing she wants to focus on this season is strategizing and teaching her teammates knowing how the run the bases. 

   “I personally think that even though we are not considered a high school team, if we keep treating it as a sport it will be fine,” Mills said.

   Even though they are not a high school sport for Tampa Prep Terrapins should still go out and support them for every home game.