Changes Made to the NBA Gives Hope for Future

Jibril Mustafa, Staff Writer

  With a new National Basketball Association (NBA) season underway, basketball fans have really seen a change in the game they love. 

   Since 1946, the NBA office has done a great job making the game enjoyable to watch. But with the formation of the super team of all-stars Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Demarcus Cousins, all playing for the Golden State Warriors, the game has taken a turn for the worst. 

   The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, along with NBA general managers and executives worked really hard this offseason to fix the game and they have done just that. 

   For the first time, coaches have the ability to challenge calls made by the referees. They can also now force an instant replay on a called foul, out-of-bounds violation, or goaltending. 

   This offseason, many NBA teams made blockbuster trades. Now, there are dynamic duos present for each team. For example, the all-star tandem of LeBron James and Anthony Davis for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Russell Westbrook and James Harden duo for the Houston Rockets. 

   The NBA draft, towards the end of the offseason, introduced great rookies into the league. Rookies like Ja Morant, Eric Paschall, and Kendrick Nunn. They were instantly given playing time and providing their teams with points as they lead their fellow rookies.

   These many changes have been seen almost instantly. The Golden State Warriors, now riddled with injuries, have gone from the best team in the NBA to the worst. The Miami Heat has gone from one of the worst teams to one of the best as they added all-star Jimmy Butler and rookies Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn. 

   Silver and the NBA general managers made major changes to the NBA, and as a result, they brought more balance to the lopsided rosters of the NBA and set its bright future.