The Game Has Just Begun

Inaugural E-Sports Team Takes On Local Competition.


Ben Ayres, Staff Writer

The first time in school history, the term “sports team”  goes into a different scene of competitiveness. The esport team is a group of students who take on competitors all over the east coast. The team plays “Overwatch,” a game released in 2016, and played by millions of people all over the world.   

   Over the past four years, Overwatch has been regarded as one of the best games ever created. Since its release date, 40 million players ranging from adults to kids being one of the most played games in the world. This has sparked the creation of pro teams.

  Outside of the professional world, students wanted a piece of the action and decided to create schoolwide teams. These teams are placed in the High School E-Sport League (HSEL).   

    The new Terrapin E-Sports team kicked off their season at the beginning of October and has been quite successful in the opening year. 

   “We finished fall season 4-2 which is pretty good considering it’s our first year,” Senior Joe Thompson said. As the first qualifier for the season, the team was hoping to be placed in the top 4 of the league.

   Even though this is just the first year, the team is hoping to get a banner in the gym alongside the other sports represented on campus. 

   “For the four state teams that are in Florida, we are technically the best in the state,” Thompson said. 

    As far as how the team can improve, senior Santo Colorado thinks that the team could work on their practice time.  

   “Since its an Esport, we usually set up practice times at home because of technology,” Colorado said. But, students with other responsibilities can’t always find the time to log on and practice. Moving forward, the team hopes to have established practice times, just like a typical physical sport would. 

    “We really have a chance to be one of the best teams out there,” Thompson said.