The French Visit Tampa Prep


Isela Suarez, Staff Writer

  For two weeks, Tampa Prep students had the opportunity to host French Exchange students. Last year, Tampa Prep also had French Exchange students and worked with the same program. However, those students were from a different part of France. 

   The program has seemed to always been a success. There normally is not a shortage of voluntary host families. “There are always lots of students that want to have Exchange students” Head of the Language Department at Tampa Prep Laura Bridges-Pereira said. 

   Communication between the exchange students and Tampa Prep students is not difficult. “She understands me most times,”said Felicia Scheiner (11) about the language barrier. Along with the exchange students learning some English, host students are also learning French. 

  While teaching her Exchange student English, Scheiner stated that she is learning French so that she can understand the dialogue between two Exchange students. 

  Emerging into an all English environment has been“a little difficult according to Exchange student Pauline Malbranque. “The classes are very different and I need to adjust a lot” Malbranque said. 

   The purpose of the trip to America from France is for exchange students to learn English and practice the language. Having exchange students is also an opportunity for Tampa Prep students to learn about the French culture while being exposed to it. Students also learn about their similarities with the exchange students, “it’s nice to learn how we are all the same in some aspects” said Pereira.