First Annual Senior Job Fair


Alexis Kindred, Staff Writer

   Tampa Prep has started a new opportunity for their senior class, a job fair created by the alumni association the first annual Alumni Career Lunch.

   Meg Huntly, from Stewardship and Constituent relations, has been part of the Tampa Prep alumni outreach program. Her and her counterpart, Amanda Fontana, want this to be a great experience for seniors to get connected with the community. 

   “I want students to know that Tampa Prep is a resource for them in the future. That there are alums in your field, that are here and willing to help you.” Huntly said. 

    The alumni committee, ‘Connecting Back to Tampa Prep’, collected a group of people in various fields to come speak and present to the seniors. Notable alumni such as Jon Solomon, Andrew Schmid and Suzy Lassacher, all came back to help current seniors with finding possible future jobs and internships for this upcoming senior internship season. 

  “The job was such an enlightening experience where I got to meet people from all walks of life. I now have a broader knowledge of what I can do after I graduate.” Senior, Ian Vokoun said.   

   To all of the lovely alumni who came to visit, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and speak to the senior class about future careers.