Batter Up For The New Baseball Season


Isela Suarez, Staff Writer

   Baseball has kicked off its season with a win and have more potential wins ahead. The team recently had a big comeback win this past week, scoring three runs in a row to secure the 3-2 win towards the end of the game.  

   “We are gonna be strong this season.” Senior Colby Welch said. He and his team believes they will have great potential.

   As for the rest of the upcoming season, Welch said the team has “good, young talent” so a successful season is on the horizon. The baseball team participated in a fall season and that was deemed successful. “I thought it was our best fall season,” said Welch. 

   “My main goal as a senior is to show up as a good role model of what Tampa Prep players should be,” said Welch. Senior leadership is important to the players since they have a big number of seniors this year. 

  Even though he was a new addition to the team, Sheffield felt welcomed by the senior players. “The seniors were the first to reach out to me and make sure I felt welcomed to the team,” said Sheffield. “If we lock in, like I’ve seen in the preseason, there’s not a team that can beat us.” 

    The baseball team, along with having potential and talent, has great team chemistry. “It’s a good environment, there’s no bad attitudes,” said Welch. 

   The team’s good chemistry and leadership may help the team travel far in postseason games. “Everyone is trying to see the next guy succeed which is really rare in the game of baseball,”  said Sheffield. “We all want the opportunity to get to play in states long term.” 


The baseball team’s future looks bright. Their next game is March 12th, Thursday, so come out and support as they face Bell Creek Academy on Tampa Prep turf.