How the Buccaneers Stole the Offseason


Via: ClutchPoints

   It has been an exciting offseason for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year. Despite the many setbacks 2020 has faced, the Bucs have managed to pull a lot of good out of a not-so-good year. Former Patriots quarterback, and arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady is now a Buccaneer. Not only did the Bucs end up getting Tom Brady, they signed his favorite target, tight end Rob Gronkowski. 

   This is such a surprising moment for the NFL because not only was Gronkowski retired last season, people were discussing Tom Brady’s retirement. Brady is 40 at the moment and in the world of sports, he is one of the older athletes. Gronkowski on the other hand was retired because of the toll his body had taken, but it seemed to be more of a one year rest as he came out of retirement to join Brady on the Bucs. The Bucs have always been a good team on paper, but failed to have team chemistry along with a good coaching staff and backfield. Now they have one of the most lethal receiving line up in the NFL and have a future Hall of Fame quarterback throwing to their receivers. 

   The Buccaneers have constantly been made fun of by the rest of the NFL along with fans, because of their losing record. Now that their new tight end and quarterback were one of the best duos in the NFL on the Patriots, it seems like the Bucs really stand a chance at winning it all this year. This season the Bucs have everything they need to succeed, and might go back to the Superbowl for the first time since 2003.