Hispanic Heritage Month!


Aolani Velez, Staff Writer

   Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated from Sept.15 to Oct.15. This month recognizes the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans and this year, the Tampa Prep community is continuing to learn about these contributions.

“ We are focusing on continuing the education of what Hispanic is, it’s not a race it’s more of cultural background and understanding that there is more than one race that falls into that,” Spanish teacher Guillermo Ruiz de Somocurcio said.

   Hispanic culture and heritage is about coming together and appreciating the different cultures. Spanish teacher Ruiz feels that in order to appreciate Hispanic culture you have to know the people.

    “It’s always been about representing my culture in a way in which people appreciate the country… and getting to know me means getting to know my culture” Ruiz said.

In addition to knowing the people, appreciating the culture also comes with acknowledging the impacts of Hispanic figures.

  “ I think about people that have made a big impact for other people, not just themselves,” sophomore Bianca Leveziel-Lacalle said.  

Hispanic figure Miguel de Cervantes is a man who Bianca feels has had an impact because he is a part of Spaniards curriculum and Lacalle’s family is from Spain. Cervantes was a Spanish writer and one of his famous novels is “Don Quixote.” He made an impact in the modern world because his literature has become so popular.

“ [Remembering] hispanic figures that have made contributions and honoring these people, looking back at what they did and how different [life] would be” Leveziel-Lacalle, said. Being appreciative of Hispanic figures by seeing how different society would be today without those contributions is a great way to celebrate Hispanic heritage month. 


Looking for ways to celebrate this month? Here are some ideas:

  • Tampa Prep students can celebrate by going to hispanic art museums.
  • Try food from different places of Hispanic heritage.
  • Watch Hispanic movies.
  • Try to make your own food at home.