Places to Safely Explore During COVID-19


     COVID-19 has put a pause on many social events’ and venues’ operations, but there are still fun and entertaining places to attend safely in the Tampa Bay Area.  

     Checking social distancing protocols of beaches, parks, and camping grounds is an important step to start with. Fort de Soto Beach is a great location to visit with pets, there are many areas to spread out and be distanced from people while enjoying the ocean and the weather.

     The current cool temperature is perfect for having a picnic at a park. Throughout Tampa, most parks that have less tourism around, like Picnic Island Park, are good spots to explore and be sure to bring snacks.  

     If you are looking to go see a movie safely check out affordable drive-in theatres such as Fun Lan Drive or Silver Moon Drive-in. Looking up the movies playing on each day and location allows for people to see their favorite films.

     Roller coaster lovers also have the opportunity to visit Busch Gardens, which is currently open with socially distanced lines and heavy sanitation. Enjoying Tampa Bay’s rides is an option this year, but masks are required.

     The spots to avoid are malls although they require masks, many people are crowding the malls. Shopping centers are becoming a COVID-19 hub with people lowering masks and few stores have store capacity and distancing such as Westfield Brandon.

     If you are looking for other activities Eddie’s Roller rink is perfect for a weekend of fun but they are closed on Sunday. This socially distanced rink is filled with very few people and masks are required.

     Prior to the pandemic if you enjoyed golfing this option is still available at Top golf which is also requiring masks and disinfecting surfaces after each session. Food and beverages are still available to purchase and enjoy while distanced from other players.

     A fast way of getting your adrenaline up is by trying Mountain Biking at Alafia River State Park. It is great for all levels of bikers and they offer rentals that are sanitized per use. After hitting the biking trails Alafia has many hiking trails with few people and they range from 1- 7 miles.

     Many places have sadly been closed due to COVID-19 but these places are safe and ready to take on this year with precautions.