A/B to C/D: Tampa Prep Switches Cohorts for New Semester


The Initial new Schedule for C/D Groups

Myka Wenzel, Staff Writer

   In response to COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in the area, Tampa Prep decided to continue with a hybrid schedule and two student cohorts for the second semester. Over winter break, families were informed about the new cohorts- now referred to as C and D groups- and some were surprised to find out they would be on campus on different days compared to their first semester.  This was to accommodate the changing schedules and to create new student interactions in the class. Some students are unhappy with their groups while others prefer their groups.

   “I was in A group and then I got switched to D group. I have more friends on D day, and I like going to school on Tuesday/Thursday compared to Monday/Wednesday,” said Samantha Steiner, a junior who has been at Tampa Prep since 6th grade. 

   Now that students are allowed to sit outside for lunch, having friends moved to separate days can be disappointing. 

   “I wanted to be moved to D group because all my friends were there, but I’ve been able to gain more friendships because I have the ability to sit with people I don’t know as well as some of my close friends,” said Claire Hunter, a freshman.

   By switching the groups, Tampa Prep has also changed the class dynamics by adding new classmates and changing the days that students are online or in person. Even if some students didn’t change the day they went to school, they will have new classmates.

     “I like that there are new people because I have more friends in my class and I get to see new people who I didn’t realize were in that class before. I also have more classes with Abby, my sister, and it’s nice to have classes together,” said Olivia Brannagan who is a sophomore. 

   One of Tampa Prep’s goals with the groups was to keep siblings together. While this saves parents from driving more often, Tampa Prep has overlooked the students who live far away. 

   “It actually really messed my family up. I don’t live near school and the only two people I know who lived near me switched days, so I don’t have anybody to carpool with which made it harder to get to school and practice,” said Maelle Munnings, a sophomore. 

      While there are some issues surrounding the C/D schedules, the new C/D groups have created new class environments and are still the safest way to continue going to school in person.