Rapper Silentó Charged With Murder


Via The Shade Room on Instagram.

Isela Suarez

   The shocking news spread through the internet like a wildfire this week when rapper Silentó, who was behind the 2015 Viral Hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”, was charged with murdering his cousin on Feb. 1. 

   The rapper skyrocketed to fame in 2015 with his song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” Silentó, real name Ricky Hawk, was arrested Feb. 1 in Georgia. 

   Officers responded to a report of gunshots early in the morning of Jan. 21, according to the police report. The shooting happened outside of Atlanta, Ga. in a residential neighborhood. Once the officers had arrived on the scene they found the victim, who was later identified as Frederick Rooks, in the middle of the street. The victim had been shot in the face and leg and was bleeding severely. He was pronounced dead at the scene once emergency medical workers arrived. 

   According to the report, there was video footage obtained from doorbell cameras of the incident. The cameras captured gunshots and showed cars fleeing the scene. 

The rapper has been charged with one count of murder.  Silentò was identified as the shooter after a thorough investigation done by DKPD detectives. The police are still working to establish a motive for the shooting, which was said in their statement.

   Silentó’s family has addressed the rapper’s mental health issues after the murder occurred. A rep for the rapper, Chase Hudson, claims he has been suffering from a “series of mental health illnesses” for many years. Hudson told news source TMZ that his family is trying to move forward as a close-knit group following the murder and Silentó’s arrest that happened 11 days later. 

   Silentó himself has even talked about battling depression on the talk show “The Doctors.”     

   Silentó is being held without bail in Dekalb County Jail. His entertainment attorney, Bernie Lawrence-Watkins, said to TMZ that the rapper needs physiatrist evaluation and should be watched closely while in jail. The 23-year old rapper has been arrested twice before this, within the last year, for allegedly going 143 mph and another time for threatening people with a hatchet.