Spooky Season Is Approaching

Here are some Costume Ideas you don’t want to Miss

Spooky Season Is Approaching

Aolani Velez, Staff Writer

Halloween is on its way! Figuring out what to wear on Halloween is difficult. Having to search for something to stand out while feeling comfortable is ideal for Halloween 2021.

Start by picking things out of your closet that fit with the dark grunge aesthetic of Halloween. Witch costumes are always a classic costume which only requires a pointy hat, long dark dresses, and a broomstick, but to be extra put on super long nails. Hocus pocus witches are great inspiration when looking for a witchy costume.

Halloween is all about having terrifying looks. FX makeup can create a skin-like texture that can show injuries or extraterrestrial body parts. Consider adding eyeballs to your hands or add a bloody vampire bite.

Another costume idea is “the Little Lad” which is a Tik Tok sensation that recently resurfaced, originally from a 2007 ad for berries and cream Starbursts.While he may be frightening to others, the Little Lad makes people laugh and have a good time on Halloween. Memorizing the berries and cream dance is essential before taking on the role of a Little Lad.

Achieving looks can also be done online.When trying to accomplish a zombie or alien costume look on Amazon.com which offers face paint and clothing that fit the themes like sci-fi or fantasy. Outfits from online range from blow-up dinosaurs to Disney princesses and finding a Halloween costume can easily be done online.

Couples’ costumes are typically matching or related to the other partner’s outfit. Movie-driven outfits are incredible choices because they are easy to dress as in partners like Shrek and Fiona from the Shrek franchise or Bella and Edward from Twilight.

This Halloween allows people to have fun, dress a little crazy, and be frightening. Trying a bizarre outfit is the key to having a show-stopping costume.