Boston Is Back!

Boston Is Back!

Tyler Oldano, Social Media Manager

The 8th grade class trip to Boston returns after it’s year-long break. The trip has become a tradition with the 8th grade class, happening every year for over ten years with little to no issue. Last year, this trip didn’t occur due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the trip is back, but not quite everything is back to normal, there will still be COVID-19 guidelines that must be followed. 

The precautions taken against the virus start before the bus leaves the parking lot, with all students required to submit proof of vaccination and proof of a negative PCR COVID test before boarding the transport. 

When asked what precautions would be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the trip, Patricia Embry said: “the students have to be fully masked through the entire trip.” 

Alongside the use of masks, social distancing will also be enforced. The trip’s itinerary did have to be altered due to the social distancing, for example, Bunker Hill and a select few restaurants were unable to accomodate our group’s large size.

The students seem excited for the trip. “Going to Harvard is what I’m most looking forward to” said Jackson Reniger, an 8th grader who also said that he’s looking forward to the “historic architecture” held within the city. “I’m not worried…I’m vaccinated, and I always make sure to sanitize my seat while on flights,” Said Barrett Clarke, another 8th grade student. This trip will be special for Clarke, this is his first school trip with Tampa Prep, despite studying at the school throughout last year. Even though it might not look the same as it did before, one thing is clear, Boston is back, and students are excited. 

Boston take 2:

Boston is back, except this time there are a few changes. 8th graders have returned to their Boston tradition, after last year’s lack of travel for all of the grades. For this comeback to work certain restrictions had to be placed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The precautions start before the bus leaves the school, as the school requires a negative COVID PCR test and proof of vaccination to get on the bus to Tampa International Airport. 

After the bus left, students were required to wear a mask throughout the entire trip, with them only allowed to take it off when they’re eating. Patricia Embry stated that she “since the beginning, we’ve been in touch with our partners in TPRO and Tampa general, and they’ve given us guidance on every issue that we’ve had”.

Embry also states that she believes that students will adhere to the guidelines presented to them. “They understand the importance of [the guidelines] and they’ve followed the guidelines here at school. While sometimes children do need reminders, they generally follow through”

Due to the restrictions brought by the pandemic, certain areas had to be cut. To start off, Bunker Hill was removed from the itinerary due to the inability to accommodate the large group of students. The restrictions weren’t limited to historic sights however, some of the planned restaurants had to be to compensate for the group’s size as well. 

But what if a student were to get COVID? In the event that someone gets COVID-19, they will be quarantined alongside their roommates and the parents will fly down to retrieve their kid early. Unlike the proposed plans for this year’s pisgah trip, however, the parents will be flying at the expense of the tour company, WorldStrides.

Even though it might look a bit different than usual, it’s clear that Boston has returned after a year of dormancy.