Smells like Terrapin Spirit

Smells like Terrapin Spirit

Tyler Oldano, Social Media Manager

Homecoming week has arrived and the student council has topped off this year’s festivities with a spirit week and a pep rally. 

After last year’s more limited spirit week due to the hybrid schedule, students are excited to return to the traditional structure of themed days. When it comes to the spirit days themselves, the student council has one more trick to increase school spirit this year.

“One thing I want to try this year is walk around with our TP student council social media accounts and look for people really following the theme and having fun with it. To showcase those really good costumes to others” Student Council President Mackenzie Capella said.

Along with Spirit Week, The student council is planning to make this year’s  pep rally the best one yet for everyone. All of the classic events seem to be making a return, alongside some new ones.

“We’re planning some interactive games for both students and teachers, alongside that we do our big homecoming court reveal. We’re also planning our classic chants and a few little surprises,” Capella said. 

Questions have also been raised regarding how the middle school will be involved with the festivities all throughout the week. 

“We’ve been planning the week’s festivities alongside the middle school leadership committee and [Sarah]. Lonetto…we also try and incorporate the middle schoolers as much as well when it comes to audience participation.” Capella said.

The student council is working hard to make this homecoming week exciting for everyone.

“The spirit week is going to be our first one since COVID, so we want to try and bring back school spirit for homecoming,” Capella said.