New Year Means New Goals

New Year Means New Goals

Jadyn Forman, Co-Editor

As 2022 begins, the new year always brings new goals for individuals as they seek to improve upon themselves and make this year better than the last year. The people at Tampa Prep are no exception to this rule as students and faculty alike are making “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Many students were actually inspired by lessons at Tampa Prep when they made their resolutions.

“I made the goal to be more positive this year,” senior, Sara Hanerfield said, “I’ve never made resolutions before, [but in] the meditation and wellness class that Mrs. Franz teaches, we were supposed to set an intention for the New Year and so I figured it would actually be something that would be really good.”

While some people’s resolutions are just general aspects of themselves, some are thoroughly inspired by the events of the previous years. 

“My resolution is to be more cautious because of what is going on in the world,” math teacher, Ageyi Domfeh said, “I do the right thing, following the signs and protocol.”

However, there are a few people who do not believe in the benefits of making “New Year’s Resolutions.”

“I’ve tried it in the past and I think I have made them too complicated and it stressed me out,”  media specialist Diana Redina said, “This year, with COVID and everything. I didn’t want to add more things that would stress me out.”

No matter what resolutions the people at Tampa Prep may or may not have, everyone hopes to make the most out of whatever 2022 will bring and improve themselves along the way.

“I am just trying to recognize patterns, like if I feel like I am being overly negative I will point it out to myself and try to fix it,”  Hanerfeld said, “I think it is just a fun thing to do this year.”

2022 is already off to a great start for the Tampa Prep community and with resolutions in mind, it seems it will only get better and better