Bring Green!

Bring Green!

Aolani Velez, Visuals Editor

Members of the Cass Key Club volunteered at Cornerstone Family Ministries in Ybor to make meals accessible through their garden project. By maintaining the facilities garden the production of edible crops helps the local community. Club members volunteer  every other Tuesday and manage the garden by controlling weeds, planting new seeds, harvesting and preparing plants for any seasonal changes. 


“It acts as a really beneficial environment not only to directly help the community via active service, but also to learn more about the principles of raising plants, and on top of that, it has been a great social experience for me.” Said John Sisco 22’.


The project will be expanded with the help of Tampa Preps Coloring The Community. Coloring The Community is Prep’s community service art club that helps out in the city by painting murals for free. CTC will be adding artistic touches to the garden’s shed and it will feature a mural. Designs are still in progress and CTC typically meets every Friday to discuss the upcoming project. Volunteering is free in the garden and at the shed. 


“So we’re working on their shed, [we are] actually starting this Saturday in cleaning off!” Said Emma Lefferts 22’.


The garden is helpful for the locals and the growth of the environment. Learning how to raise plants is one of the largest takeaways from the project. Students can help with community service and learn to work with others in a very hands-on environment. The dress code is to wear something that’s expected to get dirty.