A New School Year Brings New Faculty to Tampa Prep


   A new school year means that new teachers are needed to fill the roles of their recently departed peers in education. Tampa Prep is no stranger to new faculty, with each year bringing faculty turnover.


   This year, the school brought in a plethora of new teachers – ten to be exact. This number doubled from last year’s five new members to the Tampa Prep community. Each department saw at least one new faculty member join the ranks.


   Annie Ross has come to Tampa Prep from Foxcroft School in Virginia. She is the new French teacher, teaching all levels of French from French 1A to French 4, while also teaching AP Language and Culture.


   “I am loving teaching at Tampa Prep,” Ross said. “The technology in the classrooms is amazing and very flexible.”


      Joshua Wille spent the last year contributing to a number of publications such as Literature/ Film Quarterly and Found Footage Magazine after previously teaching film and media studies at the University of Kansas. He is currently teaching filmmaking I and II, advanced filmmaking, and eighth grade film studies.


   “I’ve appreciated the great support and enthusiasm from my colleagues,” Wille said.


   Tonya Osborn spent last year at Newsome High School after teaching three years in England. She is teaching honors chemistry and honors physics this year.


   “I love that due to my classes being smaller, I have more time to spend with my students to help them be successful,” Osborn said.


   The history department has three newcomers. Daniel Keller has come to Tampa Prep all the way from Vietnam, where he taught at Saigon South International School. He is teaching AP Psychology as well as ninth grade transitions and big history.


“I’m very thankful that the administration, my colleagues, and my students have been so kind and patient with me as I figure out how things work here at Prep,” Keller said.


Lakshmi Jayaram and Matthew Baber are new to Tampa Prep this year as well.


 The math department also has three new faces. Last year, Nathan Wolkenhauer was Assistant Director for the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at USF, where he helped teachers to better understand how to use technology in their classrooms. He teaches middle school pre-algebra and algebra.


   “I love the community at Prep! It seems as though everyone – teachers, administration, students, staff, parents – are willing to lend a hand and help at any time and for any reason,” Wolkenhauer said.


   Emily Cohen previously taught at NeoCity Academy in Kissimmee, Florida. She is teaching both honors and advanced honors algebra two as well as honors precalculus.


   “I’ve enjoyed getting to know the students and working with each of my classes to build their mathematical knowledge,” Cohen said.


   Abigail Smith comes to Tampa Prep from Chicago, where she previously taught. She is teaching geometry and algebra three/financial literacy.


  “I immediately felt like part of the Prep family… and I look forward to the rest of the school year,” Smith said.


The English department saw the return to Tampa Prep of Natalia Fernandez. She graduated from Tampa Prep in 2017 and was a substitute teacher here last year. This year, she is teaching seventh and ninth grade English, as well as serving as a seventh grade advisor.


   “It was my dream to teach English at Tampa Prep, and I’ve had such a wonderful year so far,” Fernandez said. “Tampa Prep has always felt like home, and I’m so grateful that I now get to give back to the school that gave me everything.”