Stress Less Week Hits Tampa Prep


   With countless projects, quizzes and tests leading up to final exams, the activities of the semi-annual Stress Less Week helps students keep calm and focused as they gear up for final exams before winter break. This year’s Stress Less Week  ran from December 5 to December 9 with many different activities to offer to students. 

    Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was food trucks during lunch, Wednesday students were treated to a concert by Tampa Prep’s very own band: West Cass during lunch, Thursday students were offered ice cream during lunch and Friday was ugly sweater day.  

    “My favorite day of stress-less week is definitely Monday,” said Mia Findlay, a junior at Tampa Prep. “It’s really nice just to come to school in whatever I wore the night before and not have to worry about finding an outfit for the day”. 

    A lot of students who often feel overwhelmed by the amount of final projects often use stress less week as a way to motivate themselves as they finish the year strong. 

    “Especially this year with two final exams and projects due in every class, I often motivate myself by thinking about the fun activities in the upcoming days. “I’m super nervous for my physics final since it’s one of the hardest classes I’m taking this year but with getting ice cream on Wednesday I’m trying to look on the bright side and be more positive heading into my finals” said Leslie White, a junior at Tampa Prep.

    As much as students love stress less week, stress less week also appeals to another crowd at Tampa Prep.

    “I’m especially excited for ugly sweater day,” said Daniel  Kidd, the AP Economics teacher at Tampa Prep. “Hopefully I will be able to win the ugly sweater contest this year if there is one.”