The Chiefs Win the LVII championship


The Kansas City Chiefs played against the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb.12 and won 38-35. 2023’s Super Bowl took place at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona. 


This year’s game was not only controversial, but it was also shocking to many people. With only a few seconds left to score a touchdown, the eagles were given a penalty for unnecessary contact with a Chiefs player. The referee’s decision to call out the eagles led to a steady victory for the chiefs. 


Had the eagles played stronger defense before this offense they easily could’ve taken the title home. However, the Chiefs’ defense was overall stronger than the Birds. 


When the referees called out this penalty eagle fans began to boo because this was a last-second call that threw the entire game out of their hands. 


The halftime show was another shocking factor for all fans. Rihanna Fenty, Billionaire, and singer was the artist chosen to perform this year.


While choreography and singing were on point, the most memorable moment was when a surprise guest made an appearance:Rihanna announced her latest pregnancy by showing off her baby bump which left fans in absolute shock at her iconic announcement.


It’s safe to say that although the game left Eagles fans dissatisfied and Chiefs fans celebrating the halftime show left everyone in shock.