Terrapin Spring Sports are Underway


   While the official beginning of Spring is still around the corner, Spring sports at Tampa Prep have already begun. 


   A total of six teams will be competing this spring season: baseball, lacrosse, track & field, tennis, beach volleyball, and rowing. 


   Despite six seniors graduating, the Baseball team will look to build on last year’s district championship. However, after a disappointing start to the season (1-4), the task of matching last year’s success seems like it will be an uphill battle. 


   “We’re excited to continue to compete night-in and night-out and win some ball games,” Joe Durkin, ‘23 said. 


   Boys Tennis is 5-3 on the season. Going into the season, the team expected to be strong behind their top two singles players and win districts. There has been a different feeling to the team this year, a result of having a new head coach. 


   “It feels like there is a whole new team this year, which is good. There is a lot of room to grow,” Zach Goldman, ‘23 said. 


    Lacrosse is already well into its season, with a record of 4-3 and currently riding a two-game winning streak. After a losing season last year, expectations are high, and the team believes they could win out and finish the season with a 9-3 record. 


   “We are clicking and playing very well together as a team,” Zach Goldenberg, ‘23 said. 


   Track has had three meets thus far, with their fourth meet scheduled for Thursday, March 9. Both the girls and boys teams are off to a strong start across many events, including high jump, shotput, 100 meter hurdles, and 400 meter dash, to name a few. 


   “The team has gotten really close already, and we are really all there to support each other,” Summer Haura, ‘23 said. 


   Their success has been a reflection of the hard work the athletes have been putting into both practices and meets. 


   “It feels great to see all of that work pay off, and I am looking forward to competing in our next meet,” Haura said.