Latin Program Gets New Leadership

Adam Wertheim, Staff Writer

  Anyone that is excited for Latin Club announcements every Friday are sure to be thrilled about the new Latin teacher, William Harvard.  

  Harvard taught middle school in the Northeast area for 14 years and knew Donald Morrison, the dean of faculty.  The two of them got in touch about a job opportunity at Prep, so Harvard came to visit and everything else fell into place. Harvard said

  “I really liked how it was student focused, the late start, and the schedule is compact”

  Harvard is also a former soccer player, and so it was easy for him to get involved with coaching Middle School soccer. The competition is different where he is from, so he is impressed with the level of skill and effort of our his players here at Prep.

  “Where I’m from in New Jersey, the two dominant sports are ice hockey and lacrosse, soccer is probably the third,” Harvard said.

  While soccer may not have been as popular up north, Harvard was pleased to see the skills coming from a team here in Florida, despite their young age.

  “It’s nice to come down here and see middle school boys actually care about soccer,” he said.

  While Harvard made a big move coming to Tampa, he is no stranger to the area. He has family who lives in the area and has visited before. He looking forward to his first Florida winter because for the first time he living somewhere he can be outside even in the colder months.  Back home, winter was never a friendly time of year for outside activities.

  “There’s nothing to do in the winter,” he explained. “Everyone wants to stay inside.”

  While some of the new teachers that are also new to Tampa had trouble finding a new home, Harvard was able to find a place quickly in the Hyde Park area and is already enjoying it..  He’s even had a chance to check out the famous Fresh Kitchens and the well known Steak n’ Shake.

  Despite his background with teaching middle school students, Harvard is confident about his adjustment to the high school level. He is enjoying the atmosphere of his classes and thinks that his students are a little more relaxed in a classroom setting.

  If you’re interested in taking Latin or joining Latin club, or you just want to get to know our newest foreign language teacher, be sure to stop by his room to say hello.