Blake Bridge, Perfect in More Than One Way

Bridge after bowling his perfect 300

Bridge after bowling his perfect 300

Rory Kemm, Sports Editor

Many claim to be good bowlers, but few stand out like Tampa Prep Senior, Blake Bridge. On September 13, in a practice match against Brooks DeBartolo, Bridge bowled a perfect 300. While this is a feat accomplished by few, Bridge does much more than just dominate high school bowling.

In the summer of 2018 Bridge founded the Jamaica Bowling Association. Run by Bridge and his father, Peter Bridge, who serves as President, the JBA “is dedicated to expanding the opportunities for Jamaicans, both at home and abroad, to experience the sport of bowling.” (via JBA)

The JBA allows Bridge and others to represent Jamaica in larger scale tournaments across the country. “I wanted to take my game to the next level,” Bridge said. So far, Bridge believes he’s been able to do so. Despite being created only a few short months ago, the association has already competed in the Tournament of the Americas, one of the major bowling tournaments open to multiple age groups in the US.

According to Bridge the JBA also plans on competing in the Pan American, Central American, and Caribbean games. The creation of the JBA allows Jamaican bowlers to have a bid into these tournaments, and be properly represented in these large tournaments. In an unprecedented event, Bridge has created an international platform for Jamaica bowlers to display their skills.

The JBA also has a partnership with the Jamaica Olympic Association  connecting them with players across the globe. Despite bowling not being an Olympic sport the JOA still helps the JBA make new connections, and hopefully bowling will soon be included in the Olympics.

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