Island Hopping Leads to Career in Teaching


Adam Werthiem, Staff Writer

Brian Sarkozy has travelled long and far to spread his knowledge of math. During Sarkozy’s first three years of teaching, he travelled to the Marshall Islands, which are halfway between Australia and Hawaii; it’s a series of volcanic islands, only about 70 square miles.  “When I was there, they had their first seniors graduate from high school, that was seven years ago, it was thirteen students,” Sarkozy said.

The schools on the island try to mimic schools back in the US, however, the conditions on the island are much different than the States. Most of the families are big and it’s difficult to find work. “The goal is to get the kids off the island because there are more opportunities off the island,” Sarkozy said.  

After Sarkozy taught in the Marshall Islands, he traveled back to the states to teach in Hartford, CN.  “In the public school where I was, I was in the inner city, a lot of the parents don’t really respond,” Sarkozy said when asked about the difference between his time at the public school in Connecticut and his experience so far at Tampa Prep.  He also said there are things going on other than just school. For example, the students could have family problems and can’t be held accountable. These distractions don’t help the students or the faculty.

Sarkozy was already moving to Tampa, before hearing about prep.  As he started searching for another teaching job and began looking at private schools, he stumbled upon Tampa Prep.  Sarkozy secured an opportunity to talk to Donald Morrison, the Dean of faculty, and got the job. Sarkozy loves Tampa Prep’s atmosphere and opportunity to conduct his class how he wants and controls exactly what he wants to include in the curriculum.  With all the great experiences Sarkozy has gained, he makes the perfect fit for Tampa Prep.