Annual Spirit Week Sparks Excitement

Alexis Kindred, Staff Writer

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   The annual tradition of Spirit Week is an opportunity for students to dress up and stand out as the campus prepares for the homecoming dance. This year, students had a variety of choices to choose from, including any decade of their choice for Decade Day or any holiday to choose from for Holiday day. 

   While most students appreciated the flexibility, some felt that the vague themes didn’t result in the greatest show of spirit. 

   Freshman Sophia Palmer said that while she was excited for her first Terrapin Spirit Week, she felt confused by the themes. “Some of the days [didn’t] really make any sense,” Palmer said. 

   Despite the confusion, plenty of students still chose to participate and enjoyed doing so. An average of 180 students participated and checked in with members of student council each day in hopes to win a Chick-Fil-A lunch for their advising group. 

   “I love spirit week,” Senior Marissa Schabes said.  “It’s a lot of fun and it’s a relaxed dress code.”

   According to a survey conducted by The Current, out of the five themes for the week, Pajama Day, a repeated theme from last year, was a student favorite, selected by 33% of students who took the survey. 

   “I was really excited for [pajama day] because all I wanted to do all day was stay comfy,” Junior Alexia Alexandre said. 

   In hopes to promote spirit on campus in the future, student council plans to continue to send out a survey to get student opinion, but will do so a little sooner in the year to prepare for the fall tradition. 

   “I wish the poll would have come out a little earlier,” Senior Student Council Representative Noah Perlman said. “We should have asked what the people thought, instead of assuming what the people wanted.”

   Student Body President Reid Gerardi hopes that the week has been an enjoyable time for all, despite the negative feedback for certain themes. 

   “Student council wants to do the days that everyone will enjoy,” Gerardi said.