Grace Harris is taking a STAND


Isela Suarez, Staff Writer

   The community has a leading activist of a nationally known organization. Grace Harris, the president of STAND, a student-led anti-genocide organization, has been President of the club since her sophomore year. But her dedication extends beyond our community. Harris holds a position at the national level and is in charge of STAND in the state of Florida. 

   The beginnings of STAND came from before Harris’ time here, as the charter at Tampa prep was founded in 2008. STAND is a student-led anti-genocide organization.         

   Members of the club make calls to senators about issues regarding gun violence. “It plays a very important role in addressing mass atrocities,” Harris said. 

     Club advisor Lisa Harman began the club charter 15 years ago because she resonated with its mission. 

   This mission being to empower individuals and communities as a whole while giving them the tools to prevent and end genocides. The club work towards mobilizing campuses across the country in order to act against genocides and for Harris, she is ready to take it on the national level. 

   Harris has the opportunity to take part in national campaigns because of her position on the national level. During her sophomore year, she got involved at the national level with the action committees where she had the opportunity to communicate with other activists all throughout the country. 

   Being involved in STAND has helped Harris learn more about what is truly going on with gun violence and encouraged her to take action. 

   “I want to make a difference in legislature and make an impact in people’s lives,” Harris said. 

   Harris’ inspiration to join stand during her freshmen year came from reading the book Translator, which discusses genocide. Reading this book helped Harris realize how big of an issue genocide and gun violence truly are. 

   “There’s a lot going on and I want to do something about,” Harris said.  

    Without a doubt, Harris is dedicated to protecting the world against genocide and has great ambitions for the charter here. 

   Being only a Junior, she is only getting started with her national agenda. This hidden gem will not only make the community a great one, but even bring change across the United States, if not the entire world.