Got Blood?


Meisi Wenzel, Staff Writer

   It’s that time of the year. Yes, that’s right, it’s blood season! ‘Tis the season to save lives. In fact, just yesterday there was a blood drive.

   Here’s some guidance if you are interested in donating blood for the next time it comes around:

   Sign up sheets are usually available the week prior in the morning, as there is a table at the gate in the front of the school when you walk in or go to the front desk where, receptionist, Melissa Thomason sits. The appointment may be scheduled for any available period of the day from 10 o’clock to 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

   When going out to donate, just go out in the circle in the front of the school and there will be a red bus with the words, “Blood Drive” big in red all over it. Be sure to be at least sixteen years old or older and weigh 110 pounds or more, be sure to bring your ID. Before signing up, make sure to do some general research ensuring any medical history or blood that might not be suitable enough for the type of blood they need.  Yesterday, a lot of donors came out to give blood! The goal was twenty-three units, but we exceeded the goal and got twenty-seven units. It is so great to know that students and teachers are having that higher purpose than self mindset and taking time out of their school day to donate blood!

Here are some benefits that come out of this life-changing experience:

  • Decreases the risk of cancer.
  • Helps lose weight, as donating a pint of blood burns calories 
  • Gives a detox for your blood, replacing the lost blood with new blood cells which helps stimulates the production.
  • Just one donation can save three lives. 
  • Great sense of dignity afterward.