Celebration Night Continues


Alexis Kindred, Staff Writer

  On Dec. 10, the senior English classes presented its first semester projects, AP Literature and English 12 come together and present the hard work of their senior classes. For almost over half a decade the senior three-pound project has been one of the most anticipated nights of the senior season.

   The AP Literature classes present biographies about the family members of the students. Students are required to write over sixteen pages, about a person of their choice and learn about their subject’s life.

  Students are told to keep a log of their progress from September and show the progress of their journey on their personal blogs. Where seniors in English 12 spend the first semester attempting to learn something new, such as baking or animal care.

   “Taking care of the three of them [sugar gliders] has been a fun journey and I truly love doing it.” Senior Masso-Yturriaga said. Her project was learning how to raise sugar gliders.

   All the projects and papers by the students truly showed that they worked hard this semester. Congratulations to all the seniors for completing three-pound and biography projects!