Gen Z has taken over the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.


Ari Solomon, Staff Writer

  As Tik Tok becomes more universal amongst Gen Z, political opinions have become prevalent on the app. The divide between conservatives and liberals has been on the forefront of the Tik Tok political scene and prompts frequent debates and feuds between popular creators. 

   One such political trend has been liberals responding to conservative Tik Toks with Nicki Minaj lyrics. These self proclaimed Barbz are Nicki Minaj supporters who also support Bernie Sanders. 

   The Barbz have taken to following behind Tik Tok creator, @emmuhlu who frequently reacts to and comments on the videos of Tik Tok conservatives. 

    @emmuhlu has been declared the Tik Tok leader of the barbz, and debates with Tik Tok trump supporters and creates nicki related sounds for Tik Tokers to use.

   While this may seem like this is purely a short-term trend for Gen Z, the Barbz have taken it to a new level where they sell merchandise on an online store. 

     This store sells every piece of “barb for Bernie” merchandise you could ever need. They sell beanies, sweatshirts, stickers, t-shirts, etc. 

     The progressive candidate has caught the attention of many of the young population of America with his liberal views of how the government should run. 

     However, as of April 8, Sen. Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race, disappointing many barbz and even those who do not identify as a barb.

   Even though former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, dropped out of the race, he spurred a movement of Gen Z and Millennials that swept through social media. Many are proud of the movement that they participated in, and continue to support Sanders.