Seniors Robbed of Their Last Season


Isela Suarez, Staff Writer

   Due to COVID-19 senior athletes now lack the ability to compete in their high school sport one last season, and for many who will not play in college, this was their final season ever. 

   Despite seasons being canceled, many teams are still in touch. Many teams communicate through group chats and keep up with workouts together. Some even use zoom to stay in touch, “some of us have had zoom lunches” said senior Anya Henry . Henry is a member of Tampa Prep’s rowing team. For some seniors, their team is what they will miss most from their sport. Now they won’t get to finish off the season with them. 

   Multiple seniors have been playing together for years and had high goals and expectations for their senior season. Unfortunately, they will not get to pursue these. Not only do these seniors miss out on an opportunity to play their sport, many of whom will not be participating in college sports, they are also missing the opportunity to be with their team one last time. 

   The spring season cancellation of sports has also affected the recruitment process. Senior athletes with hope of getting recruited their senior year, now have to find another way to achieve their goals of being recruited. “I feel bad for the other high school athletes who were hoping to get offered after their senior season” said senior Colby Welch, who committed to Springfield College for baseball. 

   To many high-school athletes, their sport and team feel like a home to them. “TP Crew can always be our home,” said Henry. Some believe the worst part is being without their team, “The worst part about the season being over is not having the team around” said Welch. 

   For those who won’t be participating in college, they’re having to say goodbye to their sport as a whole. Many students did not anticipate this outcome, “I didn’t even know that the last time we played a match was going to be the last time,” said senior Yasmine Mohseni, who plays tennis. 

   High-school athletes put a lot of time, energy and effort into their sports. Not being able to compete makes this effort feel worthless and wasted. “It sucks to know you’ve contributed so much time and energy to something only to not be able to showcase it out on the race course,” said Henry. 

   Most seniors are devastated by not getting to say goodbye to high school sports properly, “I feel robbed” said Henry. Athletes feel at a loss, “It is a heartbreaking thing to lose the season as a senior to something we cannot control” said Welch. 


Seniors have lost many last experiences due to Covid-19, and their last sports season was one of them.