Swim and Dive Takes on States


The swim and dive team at the state competition in Stewart, Florida

Elizabeth Aber, Editor-in-Chief

 On November 15 and 16, the Tampa Prep Varsity Swim and Dive Team went to Stewart, Florida to compete in the state championship. 12 students, including 5 seniors, participated with the boy’s team placing 7th and Senior Nick Carlin placing 2nd in diving. Junior Logan Tirheimer broke two records in the boys 50m free.

 “Starting with districts, we just kept going up,” Senior and co-captain of the swim team Chase Renninger said. Even with a much smaller team than past years, they were still able to find success, even at the state level. “If you had told me that I would be getting a medal at a state meet, even at the beginning of this season, I wouldn’t have believed it,” Renninger said.  

 All of the seniors expressed how proud they are of their team and the success they’ve managed to have this season. “I love seeing everyone reach their goals and, like, get their best time and everything,” Senior Jack Forsyth and co-captain of the swim team said.