Prep Makes Another Appearance at Disney


Alexis Kindred, Staff writer

It’s the reason for the season, the time of holiday cheer and Christmas music it’s always the best time of year. Tampa Preps’ choir directed by director, Mr. Hoy has been going to Disney Candlelight at Epcot for the past seven years.

Disney Candlelight is an event held at Disney for over a month to celebrate the joyous Christmas season. Tampa Prep is one of the many high schools that compete to to sing for hundreds of people on one or more nights. The process has been admitted to be very difficult, students from all over the country must learn and memorize the sheet music as well as submit a video before the month of October. Only a select set of high schools are accepted to sing at this prestigious event.

Candlelight has been going on since 1955, where it was originally held at Disneyland. Hoy even went when he was a high schooler, “I did Disney Candlelight when I was in high school. It’s mostly the same music, I learned a lot of the same songs and just loved the experience of getting to sing in a professional show,” Hoy said. Ever since then it’s been an eventful turn out every year.

Candlelight also includes some special guests like famed actor Neil Patrick Harris, from How I Met Your Mother, or Alfonso Ribeiro ,from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. There is a new celebrity guest every few nights and each celebrity shares the story of the birth of Jesus.

Tampa Preps chorus will be back at Disney Candlelight Processional on Dec. 14.  If you would like to get tickets to witness the glorious chorus at this special event click this link for tickets.