Battle for the Cup: Berkeley Comes Out On Top at #HMC19


Elizabeth Aber, Editor in Chief

 The day started off on a promising note with Varsity Wrestling winning Tampa Prep’s first points of the day with a 41-33 victory. The final score of Headmasters’ Challenge ended up being a lopsided 15.5-5.5 victory for Berkeley Prep. The rest of Tampa Prep’s points came from Middle School Boys 6th Grade Basketball, JV Boys Soccer, and Varsity Girls Basketball.

 While the outcome of Headmasters’ disappointed students, Headmaster Kevin Plummer was happy to see the support for all of the sub-varsity sports. “I would imagine it feels good as a player, whether you’re in middle school or JV, to have a big, sizable crowd to be there and cheering you on.”

 Berkeley has won Headmasters’ every year for the past five years. So when will Tampa Prep get the opportunity to be as dominant as their competition? Plummer says he would like to see all of the Tampa Prep athletics teams compete. “I’m always disappointed for those students that don’t have a chance to have a day like this. Whether that be the fall or the spring, I’d love to have a spring one of these, I’d love to have a fall one.”


Here are the final outcomes of each game from Headmasters’:

MS Boys Basketball Gold Team: 25-12 (L)

MS Girls Basketball Gold Team: 19-9 (L)

MS Girls Soccer Gold: 3-0 (L)

Varsity Wrestling: 41-33 (W)

JV Boys Soccer: 0-0

MS Boys Basketball 6th Grade: 41-28 (W)

MS Girls Basketball Red: 18-14 (L)

JV Boys Basketball: 66-49 (L)

MS Girls Soccer Red: 6-0 (L)

MS Boys Basketball Red: 40-12 (L)

MS Boys Basketball Black: 38-15 (L)

Varsity Girls Soccer: 5-0 (L)

JV Girls Soccer: 8-0 (L)

Varsity Girls Basketball: 51-35 (W)

Varsity Boys Soccer: 1-0 (L)

Varsity Boys Basketball: 52-38 (L)