Biography and Three Pound Night: A Celebration of Hard Work and Creativity


   Last Thursday, on the first of December, one of the most exciting upperclassman events took place: Biography and Three Pound Night. Senior English students buzzed about the .student center, art wing, and lobby from 6 p.m to 8 p.m. as they presented their projects to peers and visiting families. 

    In the Biography Project, AP Literature and Composition students explored the history of a family member of their choosing. The research they conducted through a series of interviews with various family members eventually culminated in the creatively structured papers that were presented last week.

    “I thought that the interview portion was really cool because I got to talk to a great uncle who I had never talked to before,” senior Cecily Schar shared about her process in creating her Biography Project. “Also, I had never done that style of writing before, so that was super interesting.”

    Meanwhile, the Three Pound Project granted students in any of the many English electives available to seniors the opportunity to delve into a topic of their choosing over the fall semester. During last week’s presentation night, poster boards, baking trays, and yoga mats filled the crowded student center and art wing as students answered questions and pridefully presented the projects they had been working on for months. Senior Joseph Durkin elaborated on his experience.

    “I learned how to cook and bake. I picked out a dish each week, looked up recipes based on what I liked, and then just went for it. I really enjoyed it, and I liked Three Pound Night, too.”

    Schar also enjoyed Biography and Three Pound Night, though she didn’t have as much presenting to do as those with Three Pound Projects.

    “I liked getting to see everybody in my class’ projects, that was really cool. I also liked that I wasn’t meant to stay by my project like those not in AP [Literature and Composition], so I could see more projects.”

    Biography and Three Pound Night was undoubtedly a hit. Not only did students receive well-deserved recognition and praise for their work, but they also got to enjoy the fruits of their (and their peers’)  labor, whether that meant eating the baked goods they created or visiting a friend’s henna stand.