Mean Girls the Musical will Not Be Reopening


Via Mean Girls Broadway Instagram account.

Jadyn Forman

   After 833 performances, “Mean Girls” on Broadway is set to shut its doors. The production has been shut down since March 12, along with the rest of Broadway, due to social distancing guidelines put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. It follows Disney’s “Frozen” Broadway show, which also decided that they would not reopen when the rest of Broadway does. 

   Based on the 2004 hit, teen movie of the same name, “Mean Girls” premiered in Washington D.C in Oct. 2017 and then moved to the August Wilson Theatre in New York City, NY in April 2018. The book for the musical was written by Tina Fey, who also wrote, directed, and starred in the original movie, and the music was written by her husband, Jeff Richmond. It became a huge hit and was nominated for 12 Tony awards, including Best Musical.

   On Jan. 7, it was posted on all “Mean Girls” social media accounts the closing of the production.

   “[T]he time has come for us to say ‘goodbye’ to Broadway as we will not be reopening upon its return” reads the Mean Girls Team’s statement on social media. 

Via Mean Girls Broadway Instagram account.

   Fans and cast members alike were saddened by this news and took to social media to share their fond memories of the show.

   “I will forever cherish every single second we all shared at the August Wilson Theatre. I’m so thankful for the memories made,” wrote Laura Leigh Turner, the actress who portrayed Karen Smith before the shutdown, on Instagram.

   “Mean Girls” is most likely shutting down due to the profit lost because of the shutdown, despite having grossed a total of $124 million before.

   Even though it is closing on Broadway, the musical plans to live on through touring productions and an upcoming movie adaptation produced by Paramount Pictures. 

   “Thank you for helping us make fetch happen. The limit to our gratitude truly does not exist,” The Mean Girls Team concluded their statement with.