“Anonymously Yours”: How It All Started With One Text Message

“Anonymously Yours”: How It All Started With One Text Message

It started out with a typical school night. I was bored, and did not finish my homework because I was procrastinating. Soon enough, I found myself scrolling on Netflix for a movie to watch when the movie “Anonymously Yours” popped up in my suggested watches. 


I scrolled down to the movie, clicked the description then hit play. It seemed reasonable enough. Boy, was I in for a surprise. 


“Anonymously Yours” starts off with a text message. A text message that sparks a whole chain reaction. Like the trigger to a Rube Goldberg machine. A text that changes two strangers’ lives. All because of a text sent to the wrong number.


And the comment “Sorry, wrong number” later somehow transgresses to full-on conversations of Vale, the main character via text with the mysterious guy, Alex, Vale’s sort of enemy in real life (whom she does not know he is).


They agree not to share their voices, names, or pictures of each other, and can it really get anymore creepy than this?


The best part though: comes when Vale gets in trouble at school and winds up in detention with Alex, and the enemies-to-lovers pipeline begins. 


During detention, they will be looking at their phones smiling all as they text each other unknowingly. And they even complain about the other one to the other person not knowing it’s them they’re complaining about.


Overall, the romance was good enough, but certain realistic aspects were not taken into consideration.


For example, I feel like if you get a text from the wrong number, the first instinct is to block or maybe say it’s the wrong number, but to dive into a full conversation with the person? That does not seem realistic at all. And later, they even agree to meet up.


Oh, and of course, in addition to this, the movie has the typical tropes. Vale’s two best friends are Regina and her brother, Ritchie, who hates Alex for some reason. When he finds out Alex may be falling for Vale, he warns him to leave before it’s too late. Typical overprotective brother/best friend’s brother trope anyone?


And this made me convinced Ritchie was in love with Vale too, and there would be another popular trope of the best friend’s brother and her.


When it comes to prom, because of what Ritchie has said, Alex backed off, and stopped texting Vale, but this isn’t even the biggest issue. Here, the biggest issue is the prom outfits. For prom, Vale decides to wear a tube top with a tutu skirt with overalls attaching it, Regina wears what appears to a homecoming dress, Regina’s lover/Alex’s best friend, Pilar, wears a suit with pants that look like joggers, and her story is a completely different story because (what is it with them and going for each other’s friends/enemies?) and finally, Ritchie, well, his suit looks like a penguin’s. 


Now, don’t get me wrong, “Anonymously Yours” was a great movie, and I would definitely watch it again, but some aspects of the movie were just questionable to say the least. So if you ever find yourself as bored as I did that Tuesday night and want to further procrastinate your homework, make sure you check out “Anonymously Yours” on Netflix!