Tom Holland masters Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tom Holland masters Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Rating 4.7/5

Tom Holland makes his return as Spider-Man in “Spider-Man: No Way Home. Holland made his MCU debut as Peter Parker in “Captain America: Civil War” and subsequently starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming which released in 2017 and its 2019 sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. After many delays due to COVID-19, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” finally swung into theaters Dec. 17, 2021.

In the process of trying to fix his life after Mysterio accused him of murder and revealed his identiy to the whole world, Peter Parker makes a mistake which forces him to confront villains like he has never met before and confront what it really mean to be Spider-man. 

The movie introduces villains from all the different Spiderman movies. When that was announced the hype for the movie grew tremendously. The villains’ actors all put in very impressive performances which really helped make this movie great.

The public has been enthusiastic about the movie, which is well deserved. The visual effects for the movie were impressive, making unrealistic events look real. The New York City location is utilized greatly as the movie includes epic fight scenes at some of its most well known places.

The relationship between Peter Parker and his love interest, MJ (Zendaya) grew more during the movie, as MJ played a big role in the movie. There were a couple surprise appearances in the movie that made the audiences scream in excitement. 

There are a couple moments of somber in the movie that left audiences gutless, including a really unfortunate ending. The ending set up a huge cliff hanger for the next movie that left the movie obsessed with Spider-Man, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet I can not recommend the movie any more.