The Easiest Way to Not Get Into College

Aolani Velez

   Tampa prep’s theatre department has been working on the play “The Interview” which is about 13 ways to mess up a college interview. This is a non-traditional play that will be performed March 4-5 2021, 7-8 PM.

        “It’s a series of sketches around a central theme which is useful for this format because of COVID-19 and I couldn’t pack everyone into one place. So this series of short interviews allow us to have two people at a time,”said theatre director, David Mann.

    Keeping everyone safe has been a #1 priority for Mann and his actors and they have continued to be consistent with safety protocols such as masks and sanitizing. Seating will be sold in pods of 4 people families and each pod is socially distanced from the others, each costing $25. Masks will be required for viewers.

     “I’m excited, I haven’t done a play in a year because of the pandemic. I’m really looking forward to the play, everyone’s been really good at respecting Covid protocols,” said sophomore and performer Justin Grynkewich.

    This will be the second play of the 2020-2021 school year. Students are excited to have another play to perform and share it with their friends.

    “I’m excited, everyone’s been working hard and we’ve been tapering everything we need to work on. I feel this nervous-excited energy keeps you pumped up for the show and pulls out the best moments,”said sophomore and performer Johanna Kunz.

    Each performance lasts around 10 minutes each and the duration of the entire play is 60 minutes. Only 16 seating pods are available so be sure to get your tickets soon before they are sold out