What to Wear to Prom


   Tampa Prep has recently announced that the juniors and seniors will have a prom on  Apr. 24. It isn’t certain how different it will be due to the measures put in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19, but the only worry should be what you’re going to wear. It is a huge challenge to pick the perfect suit and thus a perfect outfit that is comfortable, matches their partner, and makes a statement. 

   The first choice should be whether you’re going to wear a tuxedo or a suit. Tuxedos are more formal and old-school, but suits are more versatile and modern. Although suits are easier to accessorize, tuxedos are the go-to if you really want to stun the people in attendance. 

   The next step is how the suit or tux will fit. Skinny, slim and tailored are the most popular, but it is really dependent on your body type and preference. Skinny fit is mostly for the people with slim builds. A slim suit will complement a person with medium build. A tailored suit is a must have for everyone for a clean, fresh and modern look.

   The color is the most important decision. It’s very important to pick a color that matches your date while also picking a color you can wear in the future. The classic and timeless colors are grey, black or blue. A more flashier suit would include bold colors and patterns like plaid, velvet or red. For a simple statement piece, consider wearing a bright colored shirt under a black or grey tuxedo. 

   When deciding between a necktie or bow tie, the decision is clear. Alway wear a bow tie. It dresses up the suit better and most tuxedos are designed to be worn with a bow tie. 

Prom being held on the turf field won’t have much effect on guys’ shoe selection but it could have an impact on shoes and heels girls decide to wear. One major difference from this prom to other ones are the masks. They will play a big part in the outfits as many will attempt to match their face wear to their dresses and suits.