Sewing the Pieces Together : Lucy Haura Shares Her Sewing Creations


If you ever see a handmade costume on campus before you assume it was created by a luxury brand, consider that it could be the work of Lucy Haura. A multi-talented sophomore, Lucy not only sews, designs costumes, and acts, but she also has turned her passion into a business most recently, where she sells her designs such as corsets and dresses with a sewing machine for larger details and by hand for any fine details. It all began though, when she first learned to sew in kindergarten.

“I think I was 5 or 6 when my grandma taught me how to sew,” Haura said.

Like many others during the pandemic, Lucy’s passion for sewing extensively kicked off in 2020 during the lockdown. During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, she also began making costumes and selling her designs, turning her passion into a profitable interest.

“It’s been two years now [since I started selling my designs], and it began with the first costume I made for Halloween in 2020,” Haura said.

Since October 2020, Lucy has made numerous designs all of which can be found on her Instagram @lucyhauradesigns. Some of the designs she has made she has also been able to incorporate into her everyday life.

“I’m in theater (with the St. Pete’s City Theatre) and I always make costumes for everybody who goes there, and whenever they need them,” Haura said.

Mainly self taught and also because of the lack of opportunities for sewers and costume designers, Lucy has had to opt for taking a fashion design camp at a different high school, which has been a challenge for her with her interest in school. Sewing itself also can be a challenge.

“I think the most difficult thing about sewing for me has been that I am self taught, so the main thing has been figuring out what to do next because I don’t have formal instruction on it,”

Because of her constantly having to figure out the next step, it has been “a big trial and error process that takes a while,”.

Regardless of this, Lucy would still suggest anyone who is interested in sewing or clothing designing to do it. 

“[You have] to go into it knowing it’s really easy to mess up, but you can also try again and learn something new,” Haura said.