The Rise in Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans

Via Instagram @edacyu.

Via Instagram @edacyu.

Meisi Wenzel

     Ever since the start of COVID-19, there has been a big boost in hate crimes and hateful words against Asian-Americans in the US. Since the virus derives from China, people have come up with the notion that people who are of Asian descent automatically have it. Former President Donald J. Trump also referred to it as the “Chinese virus” which could have caused some to automatically associate the virus with the race. Although, with all of the facts that we have now that confirm that the virus is not race-based, the violence and hate still continue. 

     For example, attacks have happened numerous times in New York. Actions such as stabbing, beating, mauling, hate speech and robbing. People are even afraid to leave their homes and Asian-owned businesses are going out of business and are losing customers. 

     According to a  The New York Times article about the anxiety, frustration, and anger the Asian community feels about the discrimination, it says that “The number of hate crimes with Asian-American victims reported to the New York Police Department jumped to 28 in 2020 from three in three the previous year.” 

     Discrimination has always been an issue in the past against the Asian minority, the virus did not instigate racism. Although, now more than ever the Asian-American community needs to be heard and more media coverage need to be put out to spread the word and give the harmed victims more justice. 

     Peaceful protests have also occurred in New York. People of the Asian community are seen holding empowering signs. 

    Here are some links to websites that I found and made sure were credible through an Instagram page called @shityoushouldcareabout. These websites donate to a variety of Asian communities in need. 


Asian Prisoner Support Committee

Filipino Cultural Center

APIENC: API Equality NorCal 

Oakland Vietnamese Community Center of the East Bay

Chinese Progressive Association

Asian Law Caucus

Stop AAPI Hate

     Below I will attach a gallery of informative Instagram pictures that have helped inform me and spread awareness on the media.