Travis Scott’s New Documentary Proves He Can Truly Fly

Jibril Mustafa, Staff Writer

   Travis Scott’s documentary, “Look Mom I Can Fly, was released on Netflix late August, and showcases the months surrounding his life as he released his album “AstroWorld.” Scott isn’t known for posting much about his behind-the-scenes life, so this documentary release really gave his fans something they’ve never seen before.

   “Look Mom I Can Fly” gives his listeners an opportunity to witness the energy that is in his everyday life and live shows. 

   With the combination of old home-filmed videos to the birth of his daughter with reality/beauty mogul Kylie Jenner, the producers showed every aspect of Travis Scott’s life. 

   The documentary uniquely captures emotion Scott displays throughout major events especially after he was nominated for three Grammy awards, and even more so when Scott discovers he lost all 3 awards. 

    Scott’s live concerts are also included in the film, and prove to be highly energetic and even at times dangerous. Footage includes Scott stage diving and crowd surfing, and also alludes to the idea that fans fell unconscious at shows. 

   Scott’s creative process and energy in the studio was also very surprising to see. After hearing Drake’s verse on Scott’s single, “Sicko Mode”, you can see Scott dancing and jumping on couches and rapping along. 

 The work ethic of the Houston native is incredibly clear during one of his performances. At one point, he holds a passive-aggressive discussion with his stage crew, reprimanding them to make sure the sets for the show were ready to operate. In the end, Scott compliments the crew on a job well done, despite issues with the lighting. 

   Highlighting on Scott’s philanthropy, there are some particularly moving scenes showing the reconstruction of his childhood theme park, and inspiration for the title of his album, AstroWorld. Scott grew up visiting this park so when the city tore it down, he was very distraught. Scott decided to rebuild the theme park in order to give back to his community. As a result, he was gifted with a key to the city of Houston.