Weeknd Claims His Spot as No.1 on Billboard 100

During the end of November, Singer/Rapper The Weeknd released two new singles for his upcoming album which is fast approaching.

Weeknd Claims His Spot as No.1 on Billboard 100

Ben Ayres, Staff Writer

   The last time we have seen music from Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd,

was last year when he dropped “My Dear Melancholy,” which has been out for almost a year.

   The first song he dropped this year was “Heartless” where Weeknd is honest about his lifestyle and his mental disposition. In this song, we see how he views himself as someone who has a lot of flaws in his life. 

   When Weeknd says, “Cause I’m heartless, And I’m back to my ways ‘cause I’m heartless, All this money and this pain and this pain got me heartless,” he shows what he considers to be his flaws. 

   Other than his flaws, Weeknd also signs about the relationship he had with famous singer Selena Gomez. But other than it being a heartbreaking breakup song, he also talks about his partying lifestyle. According to the internet, it is arguable that while discussing partying, he is still addressing and acknowledging Gomez.

   In the song when he says, “Girl, why you gotta be so in between [l]oving me and leaving, leaving?” which shows how he is specifically referencing Gomez. 

   Overall, this song is really good and has a nice heavy bass beat that goes with the lyrics. Although it’s meant to be more of a sad song, it has an upbeat tune that makes it not seem that way. It’s a fast-paced heartbroken love song. 

   Other than “Heartless”, The Weeknd also dropped “Blinding Lights” which is completely different compared to “Heartless”. In this song Weeknd talks about his most recent ex-girlfriend being Bella Hadid, which makes it another heartbroken love song. But just like “Heartless”, we are hit with an 80s retro beat.

   Before this song was even released, Weeknd teased the beat of the song in a  Mercedes-Benz commercial which dropped the same day the song did. 

    The meaning of “Blinding Lights” is different compared to “Heartless” since this song is mostly focused on Weeknd talking about changing himself for a woman, who we know is Hadid.  

  In verse one he references asking for one more chance to show his love for her. When he says “I’ve been tryna call, I’ve been on my own for long enough, Maybe you can show me how to love,” shows how he is asking for one more chance. 

      Out of the two songs, this one stands out the most solely because of the beat and how smooth the lyrics flow with the whole theme. This is one of the best singles he has ever produced other than “Heartless”. 

     These two songs show the potential, he has with the upcoming album he’s been working on. If you haven’t listened to these two songs, I recommend listening to them before his album releases. This album, when it comes out, will be a good one.