“Cheer,” a Docu Series That Makes Viewers Want to Stunt

Ari Solomon, Staff Writer

   Netflix recently released a docu-series about collegiate cheerleading called, “Cheer.” The series follows the Navarro College cheerleading team as they prepare for the National Collegiate Cheer Championships in Sarasota, FL.

   The show is filled with energetic and passionate college students who only care about one thing: cheer. 

   Now, these cheerleaders are not your stereotypical sidelines dancers, they are serious acrobats. They flip through the air with ease and do things with their bodies that you could only dream of doing.

  The show follows these athletes throughout their entire season, which is dedicated to one competition… Nationals. As a viewer, you instantly become captivated by the drama and intensity of Coach Monica and her team.

    The show does an excellent job explaining the sport of competitive cheer, as it is different from the stereotypical cheerleader that most people think of. 

    As viewers follow the cheerleaders through their intense practices and daily routines, the audience becomes invested in the cheerleaders and their ability to “make mat” (compete at nationals in Sarasota). 

   “Cheer” has become a phenomenon as viewers who have never heard of cheerleading before become intense “cheer moms” through the show and their support of their favorite cheerleaders.

  The docu-series proves the Navarro Cheer Team is relentless and passionate about cheerleading and will do anything to make sure they are the best they can be. 

    “Cheer” is truly inspiring and uplifting to viewers. The show is a must-watch for anyone who loves wholesome TV.