P.S. I Really Don’t Love You


Alexis Kindred, Staff Writer

As many of you know Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky are back with another movie! ‘To all the Boys I’ve Loved before P.s I love you’ was recently released on Netflix Feb. 12th! The movie starts where we last left the couple, now going on their first date where they promise to never break each other’s hearts. Everything seems perfect until Lara Jean gets a letter back from one of her original letter recipients, John Ambrose, saying that he felt the same way in middle school and that it was great to be hearing from her after all this time.

Lara Jean is shocked by the news she reads from John Ambrose and can’t seem to get it off of her mind, but she pushes away the thoughts of him thinking she will never see him again. Luckily for the audience’s sake, this does not happen! When Lara Jean starts to do her volunteer hours at Belleview Retirement home she and John Ambrose are once again united after all of these years, and they reminisce about the good old days when they were younger.

Valentine’s Day rolls around and Lara Jean can feel the love in the air. Her classmates hype her anticipation for the day by telling her that back when Peter and his ex-girlfriend Gen used to date, he sent her a singing Valentine every period. When this does not happen for Lara Jean, she becomes insecure about her and Peter’s relationship. When she finally confronts Peter, he gives her a silver locket as well as a poem which he says he wrote himself, which turns out to be a lie and truly just Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabelle Lee”. Lara Jean becomes confused about her feelings with Peter, especially after she sees the picture of him and his ex being intimate in a photo, wondering if he truly is serious about her or if she’s just a joke.

While Lara Jean’s relationship with Peter is on the rocks, her relationship with John Ambrose is becoming warm and heart-felt. The audience can tell that John is falling head over heels for Lara Jean but she is feeling confused in her feelings for both boys.

While working with John Ambrose at the retirement home she able to connect with him, they even decide to throw the old folks a ball. Where John Ambrose and Lara Jean end up kissing in the snow! Only for her to realize she does not have feelings for John Ambrose, but she is in love with Peter Kavinsky. After she apologizes to John Ambrose, she leaves him in the snow to go find Peter. Only for Peter to be waiting for her outside where he tells her he loves her.

Personally, this movie was disappointing! Don’t get me wrong Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean are cute, but the whole jock and shy girl bit has been played out for years. Peter truly never liked Lara Jean. This all started as an agreement to make his ex jealous, but when it came to John Ambrose, that was never the case. John Ambrose was the underdog the whole time, he always had feelings for Lara Jean and would do nothing to hurt her. As my heart feels for John Ambrose, I am intrigued by how the series will end in the upcoming movie: ‘To all the Boys Always and Forever’.

Rate: 2/ 5 stars