All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places

Isela Suarez, Staff Writer

   All the Bright Places is currently one of the best recent Netflix front page films. The film itself is an emotional rollercoaster with a bittersweet ending. 

   Based on the novel written by Jennifer Niven, two teens find each other while they both are in dark places. They meet each other for the first time as Violet, who had recently lost her sister in a car accident, is standing on the edge of a bridge. Luckily, at the last second, Theodore gets her to step down from the ledge, but this is not where their friendship blooms. 

  Their relationship begins when they are assigned a group project where they must travel in their home state of Indiana and find something spectacular. Theodore takes Violet on adventures, and of course, they fall in love. This part is fairly predictable. This tender and innocent love story warms the audience’s hearts. The film follows the couple on their romantic adventures. 

   Theordore’s mental state begins to wither. He starts acting out in school, but Violet trusts he will never purposefully hurt her. She was right about one part of it. Things take a sudden turn when Theodore starts disappearing for days leaving the audience guessing what could have happened to him. Then he reappears again as if nothing had happened at all. Luckily, things start to go back to normal for the couple but just as things seem right, until Theodore disappears once more.  

   Violet frantically looked everywhere for Theodore, but only found evidence of him drowning himself in their lake they had discovered together. The ending is an unexpected heartbreak as the rug is pulled straight from beneath the watcher’s feet. Violet experiences another heartbreak to her tender heart. She comes out in the end stronger than before, because Theordore had taught her the important lesson of saying goodbye and moving on. 

   The ending was disappointing because it wasn’t Hollywood’s happily ever after but that is what made it great. The ending left the audience sad because they were craving that happy ending that most movies have.  The ending shows humility and reality that not all romances end well. It exemplifies how it is good to have been loved and lost than never to be loved at all.