New Album Finishes the ‘Circle’ to Mac Miller’s Career

Ben Ayres, Staff Writer

   Famous rapper, Mac Miller, released a new album, Circles, on Jan. 17, 2020. This is the first album that he has released since his death, which was due to drug overdose, in 2018. His rapping legacy was left unfinished, which left the whole rap community in shock. The last album, Swimming, was released one month before his death. 

   This album consists of 12 songs, mostly all of them having the same slow melody beat with soft sounding lyrics. Some of the songs were,  “Blue World”, “Everybody”, and “Surf” which stand out mostly due to their lyrics and the overall beats that are heard through the song. Thanks to superproducer, Jon Brion, Circles was released two days prior to Miller’s 28th birthday.    

   The “Blue World” is one of the only songs that are upbeat and makes you want to dance. It has an EDM beat, which was produced by Guy Lawrence. We can see this song also has flipped and chopped vocals. In this song, we hear Miller mostly singing about the trials and tribulations of life. We also see him reference his former girlfriend, Ariana Grande, and Biggie Smalls. Overall, if you want a song that will keep you in an overall upbeat mood I highly recommend this song. 

   Out of all the songs on the album, “Surf” has to be by far my favorite song in it. However, this song is not the most positive. Miller has an overview of his personal problems and his mental state. He allows his audience to view his “craziness” and his own self-esteem issues. The beat and vocals are completely different from “Blue World” having slow instrumentals and soft vocals. 

   As this album is really good, it’s definitely meant to satisfy a certain group of people of music. If you haven’t listened to this album I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t listened to Mac Miller’s music. Circles can be listened to on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music. Give it a listen and trust me, you won’t regret it.

Rating: 10/10

Song Rating:

  1. Surf
  2. Blue World
  3. Everybody 
  4. That’s On Me 
  5. Good News
  6. Circles 
  7. Complicated 
  8. I Can See 
  9. Woods 
  10.  Hand Me Downs 
  11. Hands 
  12. Once A Day