Take it Easy Adele is Back!

Take it Easy Adele is Back!

        Is Adele delivering a new album after a six-year hiatus? Fans speculated that the British singer is dropping hints about her new album with the single “Easy On Me”. One of these hints being a black and white video she posted on her Twitter.

       These speculations were correct and Adele has confirmed that her newest album will be named “30” and will be released on Nov. 19.

       Due to her divorce from Simon Konecki back in 2019, speculators were led to believe that the album will be based around her divorce and the struggles between their relationship. 

       Adele had resurfaced on social media platforms like Instagram to promote her new album and get in touch with fans. The singer also did a vogue interview and mentioned she is ready to be performing live.

       “30” will be the follow-up to her previous album, “25”. Cover art for “30” has been taken near the Empire State Building at the Louvre but the images show nothing more than the album name. 

       Fans have been eager to get some new music from Adele since she won 15 Grammy awards and released song of the year “Hello” back in 2015. Fans are hopeful that she may be headed back to winning Grammy awards and releasing music again.