A Star is Born:

Olivia Rodrigo Steps into the Spotlight


“Drivers License” via Spotify.

   Up and coming artist Olivia Rodrigo is taking the world by storm and breaking records with her new post-breakup debut single “drivers license.” The new emotive track is about an ex-lover that moved on faster than she did after promising to be there forever.   

   This was the young star’s ticket to the top of the charts. At only seventeen years old, her new song has broken the all-time record for biggest single-day streams in the United States in Spotify history with over 6 million streams. It later surpassed this record to over 13 million streams for a non-holiday song in a single-day. She also earned the number one spot on Spotify’s global playlist. She has received support online from millions of people, including A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift.

   Not only is her song popular on Spotify, but it is on TikTok as well. Users on TikTok have become very much involved in the story behind the song, siding with Rodrigo in the drama. 

   It is rumored that the ex-Disney star, Rodrigo, wrote about a very public romantic situation between her and her co-star, Joshua Bassett, and his alleged new girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter. Rodrigo and Bassett grew very close while filming for “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” and there were many rumors the pair was dating. They spent a lot of time on and off set together, and Bassett even taught Rodrigo how to drive. So, fans have assumed the song is about Basset. 

   With her strong lyrical talent that urges listeners to feel her emotions and lovely sound, many fans are awaiting more music from Rodrigo in the near future. The “drivers license” track is the debut single of her album that is set to come out later this year. Fans are eager to hear more from Rodrigo soon.