The Eternally Long Wait is Over


   Eternal Atake is Lil Uzi Vert’s second studio album. This project was released on March 6, 2020, and was arguably one of, if not the most, anticipated rap albums in today’s world. The album was originally announced back in July of 2019 and was long-awaited. Lil Uzi was not allowed to release the project because his record label wouldn’t let him but then around 10:00 a.m. on March 6 he released it with no announcement, and a week later dropped a second album, Luv is Rage 2.

   Eternal Atake was, in my opinion, a very interesting and different project. It truly shows Lil Uzi’s creativity. It was released with 18 songs and broken up into three 6 song parts. Each set of 6 songs was supposed to be a different style of Lil Uzi’s music and he is the first artist I’ve ever seen do something like this. The album also seems to tell a story when Uzi is happy in the beginning, confused in the middle after being abducted by aliens, and then happy in the end because he got away from the aliens. This album shows how genius and different Lil Uzi is.

   In my opinion, almost every song on Eternal Atake was a good if not great song. It was very hard to rank them as they all are produced well and have good melodies. Plus, the lyrics further showcase Uzi’s true talents. When listening to this album front to back, it makes you realize why the album took so long to be released and how much work must have gone into it. My favorite detail about Eternal Atake is that throughout the entire project there is only one feature, meaning it is purely Lil Uzi. This album was by far one of my favorites and I think will make Lil Uzi Vert even bigger in today’s rap world, and even possibly win album of the year. 

Personal Album Rating: 9.5/10

Personal Song Ranking:

  1. POP
  2. Homecoming
  3. Silly Watch
  4. Lo Mein
  5. Baby Pluto
  6. You Better Move 
  7. Venetia
  8. Prices
  9. Secure The Bag
  10. Bust Me
  11. Chrome Heart Tags
  12. .Celebration Station 
  13. Bigger Than Life
  14. I’m Sorry
  15. Futsal Shuffle
  16. P2 
  17. That Way
  18. Urgency