Quarantining the Right Way



Meisi Wenzel, Staff Writer

   With a worldwide pandemic going on due to COVID-19, hopefully everyone has taken consideration of that to sanitize, social distance and quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the virus. Times like these can be tough. You might start to feel a little cooped up in your house, but I’m here to shed some light and tell you exactly what to do to make your quarantining experience the best it could possibly be. Here are some tips for stay-at-home activities for self-care and achieving a positive and healthy mindset:

  1. Get in the jive of a good face and workout routine! Treat yourself with some self-care you deserve!
  2. Get some sun and fresh air. Going for a walk can really relieve stress and clear your mind of any struggles you may feel. Plus it’s good your body gets a source of vitamin c.
  3. If you have a pool, I highly recommend going for a little swim and getting a tan (with sunscreen of course). It is highly relaxing and rejuvenating and it’s a lot of what I’ve been doing to pass the time!
  4. Keep in touch with your friends (via text, call, facetime, Snapchat, etc.) They miss you as much as you miss them! It’s good to get some human interaction, even if it’s not face to face, it’s what we are granted with!
  5. One of the most important and hard to avoid things to do: spend time with your family. Watch a movie all together, play a game, bake/cook, make TikToks, etc! This is the perfect opportunity to get some really good family time that you may have been in lacking before. Plus, these are the people you’re stuck with for the remaining time of this pandemic. I bet they’re just as bored as you are!
  6.  Make new playlists! Now, with all of this time in your hands, it is the perfect time to create your own perfect and personalized playlist.
  7. All in all, try to keep a positive outlook through all of this. Worrying about what could happen will do nothing but scare you. As long as you keep good hygiene, hands away from your face, and keep yourself in the realm of your home, your worries should be at the bare minimum! Keep your head up.

     Although times like these are tough and a lot of things have changed in a small amount of time, it is okay to worry sometimes. Although, it is always important to have the best and most positive attitude towards the situation. Be conservative, take everything day by day, and keep in mind that we are all in this together. We got this!